Terminal “Baper”

13 Aug

Nggak tahu kenapa ya, saya itu suka banget kalo ke airport di terminal 2 keberangkatan. You know lah, itu terminal keberangkatan luar negeri di Bandara Soetta. The smell, the ambience, the crowd, Hokben, troli and the rest of the things. Mungkin karena banyak ke-baper-an yang terjadi. Mulai dari excitement pertama ke luar negeri, baper antar Bangladeshi, baper ngantar teman balik ke negaranya, baper ngantar teman sekolah, baper ngantar bapak ibu umroh, dan baper-baper lainnya.

Mungkin karena banyak kenangan-kenangan yang bikin baper itulah, sekadar mengunjungi terminal 2 bandara Soetta itu seperti refreshment sederhana. Simply sometimes it reminds me on things happen in life: people come and go at the same time. It was a place where happiness and sadness exist at the same moment. Someone leaving their loved ones or someone going to meet his/her loved ones. People back home or people going somewhere to a place they dream about.

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