Am I properly described? An Attainer

27 Mar

Ini nih hasil analisis HR di kantor.

Katanya, saya begini:

A loyal friend, she is patient and caring when attending to the needs of others. She is usually an even-paced individual who thrives in a peaceful, harmonious environment. She tends to be quite predictable, sticking with proven, reliable methods of dealing with situations rather than taking chances with a new, unproven approach.

She is motivated by her ability to lead groups and influence others around her. She is someone who takes the responsibility of leadership seriously when it is given to her, and is typically able to make important decisions without delay. She exudes confidence and others respond to her natural ability to be a front runner.

A thoughtful, caring person who likes to be around others, she is one who appreciates relationships. She enjoys being involved in social functions, but does not usually care to be the center of attention. She seeks balance between personal and social time, and enjoys a quiet evening with a few close friends as a good mix of the two.

Not afraid to take a bold approach, she is willing to challenge the status quo. She is original and creative, and acts with confidence when implementing new solutions. She will tend to use a balance of intuition and facts when making decisions, and once she has made a decision, she will not be afraid to take action upon it.

She is an objective, analytical person. She typically prefers to be in charge of situations, but she is also willing to offer help and support. Motivated internally by personal goals, Ika loves people, but also has the ability to be task oriented when necessary. Because of her dogged determination, she is successful at many things; her calm, steady and perseverant character contributes to her success.

Tenacious after starting a project, she will fight hard for her objectives. Independent and questioning in approach, she is thorough and possesses a strong ability to follow-through. She can be reserved even though she is people-oriented; and in situations where she is not comfortable, she prefers to support the leaders instead of being in charge of the situation.

She tends to be a practical person who evaluates herself and others by results. She is able to blend determination with patience and supportiveness. She likes to finish what she starts and do it thoroughly. She prefers to work with just a few people or independently. She does not like to be rushed or pressured; she operates best when she works at her own pace. Steadfast and persevering, she will work hard for positive outcomes to situations.

She is determined and stable. While she is patient and open to others’ ideas, she embraces deep personal beliefs. Enjoying a slow, steady pace and possessing an optimistic attitude, she utilizes logic to make decisions most of the time. However, when excited, she may make emotional decisions but then will be sure to work hard to make sure the outcome is what she desired.

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